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To whom it may concern


We specialise in carpentry and roofing work. Our expertise, which is the result of three generation long woodwork tradition, enables us to achieve the highest standards in roofing and construction services.


Our company gives a long-term guarantee of our services. Everyone is welcome to see photographs showing our work.

We issue VAT invoices for our services and goods purchased.


Costs of our services and materials vary according to the level of complexity of work, the types of materials and deadlines.


Our services are carried out on the basis of clients’ documents and designs as well as our own designs accepted by the client.


The range of our services includes estimating the necessary building  materials i.e. the quantity and the type of wood, metal sheeting, shingle, tar paper, roof tiling, etc., as well as complex consultancy and the installation and construction work itself.


Having signed a contract, consultation and evaluation are included in the overall cost of service.


We offer our services to individuals as well as small and other businesses; we guarantee fruitful cooperation, consultancy and meeting the expectations of our clients.


We invite our potential clients as early as at the architectural planning stage of a project. This can save time and eliminate stress and any extra costs connected with later completely unnecessary alternations. In Poland, for example, the measurements of wooden constructions are often overdone i.e. the elements are too big in diameter and/or are  placed too densely. This does not improve the stability of the construction; it only generates the cost of the house through excessive use of wood. At the consultancy stage we help our clients to make the right decisions concerning the quantity and quality of materials. The product created by our company in accordance with the current building and architectural regulations is the reflection of our clients’ specific needs.


We invite everybody interested to consider our offer.


The world of wood especially for you.


Mariusz Brelski, the owner


kontakt: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


tel. +48512278664
       +47 96755871

Skype: mariusz.brelski


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